Payment Methods

COD / Cash on delivery (Valid ONLY for deliveries within Greece)

Cash on delivery to the courier, upon receiving the shipment. The cost of the COD is Euro 1,00 in addition to the shipping.

GR 96 0140 2310 2310 0210 1166 602
Beneficiary. Stamatis Nikolaos


GR 10 0171 6100 0066 1012 6232 289
Beneficiary: Stamatis Nikolaos


National Bank of Greece
ΙΒΑΝ : GR6301103430000034374831989
Beneficiary: Drosi Evangelia[/queen_text_box][wr-line-divider extraheight=”30″][queen_text_box title=”Paypal The fastest and most secured method for online buys is PayPal.”]Choosing PayPal payment method, you are immediately transferred to their extremely secured safe payment site.
The details of your Credit Card should be entered and than, you return back to the site. Your credit card details are never known to , but only the payment approval. This way your transaction is protected.